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Kite making and general aerodynamics

Learn how to make kites and discover how and why they fly.


Paint and decorate your creations before testing them.

Build a number of kites out of simple materials using different construction methods.


Let your creations ride the wind.

The Sky's the limit ........there, I said it!

Well be going to a local sports oval to fly our creations at the end of the day an encourage all parents and families to arrive at 3.00 and join us.

Bring - sunglasses.
Wear - old clothes.

Learning Objectives:

Education is what you learn while you're having fun.

This workshop is designed to promote awareness in simple aerodynamics.

Show construction using tensile and compression components and membranes.

Exposure to simple scientific principals and the confidence to see the the science in every day activities.

Participants will create a number of kites and other curiosities, discover their history and the different ways things are able to fly and fall.

The activities promote problem solving on an individual level, analysis and concentration.

The tasks are staged to follow a thematic course and can be extended or varied to any ability.



simple kites

Decorate your creations

advanced kites

Different designs


Construction wizards


fighting kite

fighting kite

The finished kites

fighting kite

fighting kite

fighting kite

and off they go