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Lots of projects.

Cars with working
gears and differentials.

All instructions provided.

Big sets for
big imaginations.


Mechanics and Robotics, A full day of fun, construction and learning!

Vehicles, Walking machines, Motors, and More!


Young engineers and builders get ready, here’s a fantastic
construction workshop for kids with big imaginations.

Make the factory kits or custom designs. Lots of variety for kids of any ability.

Make working steering systems, differentials and models of combustion engines.

Use Robotics modules to make crazy creatures.

Motors, gears and springs make unusual machines.

There's no end to what you can create!

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to promote awareness in construction, mechanics and encourage a simplified understanding of simple Physics principals such as Force, Momentum Acceleration Potential and Kinetic energy.

Kids can learn and apply the principals of gears , levers, springs and other mechanisms to stock kits available with full instructions or build from the ideas manuals or custom designs.

There are a wide range of projects, themes and skill levels to suit any ability, along with a selection of supplementary parts for unstructured play.

The activities promote teamwork, problem solving in a group and individual level, develop concentration and spatial thinking.