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Discover a world of unseen forces and explore the weird science of magnetism.


Complete several experiments to discover the properties of magnets and make

your own linear accelerator to shoot ball bearings.

We won't be blowing holes in anything...

Make an electro magnetic coil and learn how magnets, metal and and electricity work together.

Make a spoon stand up in a cup of liquid. This is a cool trick to fool your friends and parents.

Find out why we haven't all been burnt to a crisp by solar radiation

and learn the ancient art of water bending.

Mystery and magic meets magnetics.




Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to promote awareness in physical science and construction.

The kids will learn about the forces of magnetism and its relevance in every day applications.

The activities are designed to follow a thematic course through a series of experiments.

The workshop encourages a greater understanding of our physical world and the principals electro magnetism.


Make a compass

Learn about the solar wind

Discover magnetic force

Levitation, Diamagnetism and other cool stuff

Make a model Linear Accelerator