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What makes things go up?

Expanding gasses make stuff go fast!!

Testing the release valve.

Making the tail assembly.

Launching the rocket.

This is learning with a blast. Make things float. Make things Fly!
A full day of fun, physics, and construction and yes, it is safe!!!

Learn about compression, momentum, resistance and force while making a fantastic water propelled rocket.

Make exciting discoveries learning about air density, while testing a hot air balloon.

Make a small chemical explosion in a bottle and try to hit the target with a cork.

Learn about air resistance, making a balloon powered hovercraft.

Colour your creation with spray paints in all the colours of the rainbow.

Its all safe and we have a great time.




Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to promote awareness in physical science and construction.

The kids will learn about compression, drag, air density, mass and force in a series of experiments while constructing the parts of a simple safe functioning rocket.

The activities are focused and follow a thematic course on a common theme.

The workshop encourages a greater understanding of our physical world and the principals of rocket design.