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Spy Craft

listen carefully because I'm only going to say this once...

You're about to start spy school , and you have to find out what happened to agent ´X´.

Learn how to make invisible inks, check for finger prints

and discover the forensic clues.

Decode secret messages with your spy friends and solve the mystery.


Wear - black (of course).



Learning Objectives:

To promote awareness in forensic science, investigation and encourage a simplified understanding of safe chemical reactions.

To apply the principals of scientific research, code making and how to tell if mum has been in your room and seen all the mess.

The tasks are varied and follow a thematic course to a logical conclusion.

The activities promote problem solving on an individual level, analysis and concentration.


Making a microdot

Developing invisible inks

Sneaking skills

Clues to identify

A mystery to solve

Booby traps to make